Nicos Rossos Group

Founded in 1974, Nicos Rossos Group has been operating in Cyprus for more than four decades. We can claim, without undue modesty, that our company’s service has always been characterised by the devotion to the best interests of our clients. We provide an extended range of solutions, stretching from healthcare, travel and general insurance services, to an extensive health check-up program. We aim to provide a high level of personal service and we will promptly attend your needs.

Nicos Rossos Group has been proudly representing Bupa Global in Cyprus for over 20 years. Having introduced Bupa in Cyprus in 1992, we have since been operating as General Agents.

Throughout the years, we have gathered a great deal of experience in assisting Bupa Members when most needed. Our declared commitment is to provide personal high standard service, with prompt and efficient assistance whenever our members need it.